Nicole Pudo
Guardiã da Revolução Ecojurídica

Graduating student at the São Paulo School of Law at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV). He spent the last few years dedicating himself to studying and working in Law, in environmental issues and in Animal Law and Ethics.

She assumed the role of delegate and the positions of secretary general and director of the UN simulation of the Polyhedron system (PoliONU) from 2013 to 2017. She was director of the UN simulation at USP (USPMUN). She was the founder and coordinator of the Animal Law Study Group at FGV-SP in 2020. She was co-founder and general secretary of the Academic Group for Environmental Interest (GAIA FGV) in 2020. She was the pedagogical director of the FGV Cursinho in 2020. She was co-author of the book entitled “Nutrition and vegetarian food: trends and lifestyle” in the chapter “Sustainability in the vegetarian diet”.

She is now a volunteer at the NGO Animal Equality Brasil and an advocacy volunteer at the NGO Mercy for Animals Brasil. She is a contributor to the website Direito em Pautas, where she writes columns on environmental and animal themes. He has worked at a law firm focused on environmental law and is now part of the team at CBKK SA and Instituto BKK.

He aims to continue building his career with a focus on helping to make the world a more ethical, respectful, diverse place with a better quality of life for all animals, all people and for the planet.

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