The BKK Institute - Bonfarto Kaj Konservado (Well-Being and Conservation in Esperanto) is a non-profit civil association created to support CBKK - Celo de Bonstato Kaj Konservado S/A and its businesses in the mission of transforming the production and consumption systems in Brazil through sustainable, socially inclusive, ecologically correct and economically viable production chains' integration, contributing to the local communities' well-being and the landscape conservation.

We believe that such a disruptive challenge demands the best of human knowledge, whether ancient or recent. In this sense, the Institute was designed as a creation, organization and technological and scientific knowledge development hub, which understands nature, society and the economy as interconnected systems, capable of mutually regenerating themselves.

The BKK Institute also has the objective and purpose of establishing and maintaining social, environmental, cultural, recreational and sports plans and programs, as well as promoting the professional development of its partners and associates.


Integrated by professionals with extensive experience in the scientific and business areas, as well as representatives of traditional communities, the BKK Institute contributes to economic resignification through innovative solutions' research and development. Here are born and grown many of the ideas that help CBKK overcomes the production system reconfiguration's challenges. 


To create and drive businesses capable of generating positive social and environmental impact, the BKK Institute's mission is to promote studies and the development of innovative technologies that enable solutions' discovery beneficial to nature and to society. From the macroalgae cultivation, which originates high value added products, to the solutions creation that seek to fully replace plastics, such as 100% biodegradable and compostable bioplastics from organic waste, the BKK Institute is constantly looking for innovative and potentially regenerative technological alternatives for the planet. 

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