heloisa jardim
Heloisa Jardim

Researcher, entrepreneur and speaker, her main life mission is to transform work into a platform to elevate people's well-being, taking the organizational environment from a place of stress and fear to a true playground of inspiration and evolution. That is why since 2017 he has been managing research at Harvard University using all the academic rigor and his extensive experience in organizations to highlight the importance and impact of well-being in the organizational context, the factors that contribute to such and especially what type of leadership needed in this context.

With a solid academic background, having studied Administration at IBMEC-RJ, specialization in Finance at COPPEAD, Master's in Economics and Sustainability at UFRJ and Master's in Public Health at HARVARD TH Chan School of Public Health. With more than 15 years of professional experience in the financial market, strategic consulting, health and corporate sustainability, his experience covers a wide range of industries such as extractives, textiles, healthcare, international agencies, manufacturing, aviation, among others.

His passion for individual and organizational transformation came through his experiences with diverse populations in Brazil, China, Cambodia, the United States, Mozambique, Malawi, Mexico and Sri Lanka. Despite the differences in all these places, he found a similarity: when the individual is connected with his essence and his definition of well-being, he transforms his work and his relationships into a source of life, creation and joy. And it is this message that he carries with his work around the world.

Also dancer and runner. Dance has been present in her life from a very early age when she began to practice classical ballet. And it was with ballet that Heloisa discovered fundamental parts of her essence: discipline and lightness. She uses these two elements as the foundation of all her initiatives, as she believes that to transform the way we deal with our work we need dedication and a smile on our face.

Training for a marathon was one of the most important choices he made in his life, where he learned to know, respect and overcome his limits! Her worldview is influenced by her lifestyle as a runner: The marathon made her look at herself and the world simultaneously with an understanding that all systemic change requires something fundamental: training. And this training, or practice, is the third fundamental pillar of your endeavors and research.

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