Stefano Arnhold
Member of the Board of Directors

After revolutionizing the world of games in the 90s (Sega/Tec Toy) and snow sports in Brazil (CBDN), he is now dedicated to modernizing Sports Governance not only in Olympic/Paralympic Sports in Brazil, but also internationally.

He has been working in the environmental area for over 30 years, having collaborated for the introduction of Permaculture in the Amazon (Daniel Dazcal Foundation) and the conservation of our Coast/Oceans (Fishing + Sustainable).

He currently chairs the Advisory Board of Conservation International in Brazil and is one of the creators of the Sustainable Production Chains Project – A Disruption at the Service of Future Generations (BKK/CBKK). Active marathon runner (best time 3h 49′) has also participated in more than 250 Alpine Masters Ski World Cups representing Brazil and more than 40 national titles.

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