danielle calentano
Danielle Celentano

Forest Engineer graduated from UNESP, Master in Management and Conservation of Tropical Forests and Biodiversity from CATIE in Costa Rica and PhD in Biodiversity and Biotechnology from the Bionorte Program.

He is currently Senior Manager of Forest Landscape Restoration at Conservation International (CI-Brazil), Executive Secretary of the Alliance for Restoration in the Amazon and Associate Professor at the Graduate Program in Agroecology at the State University of Maranhão. Danielle has more than 40 publications, including scientific articles, book chapters and conference articles on conservation, restoration and sustainable use of the forest, agroforestry systems, and human development.

Danielle has lived and worked in the Amazon for 20 years, is the mother of Ananda and Noam, lives in a place where with her family she cultivates a beautiful agroforestry backyard.

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